Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

Use the heat method to make the easiest and best vanilla extract.

Start with 70+ proof alcohol, the higher proof the better. The cheapest alcohol is perfect for extract. This bottle was on sale for $10.99.

Heat alcohol on stove top until it just barely begins to steam.

Put beans in jar, minimum 5 beans per 8 ounces liquid, the more the better.

Funnel alcohol carefully back into jar. Save any extra alcohol in a tightly sealed container and use to top off as vanilla level drops.

Cap bottle tightly.

Store in a dark, warm place for a minimum of 6 weeks, ideally 12 weeks, the longer the better. Alcohol won’t grow anything so you can remove beans as needed and return unused beans to bottle.

We store bottle in a brown paper bag in the top of a cupboard.

Using the heat method and good beans will produce great extract in a relatively small amount of time.

This extract is after one week. After three weeks it’s almost impossible to see the vanilla beans because extract is so dark.

Enjoy your extract and have fun experimenting with different kinds of alcohol.

Make sure to go to our Face Book page and share your experience and tips with us.

IndriVanilla: Natural Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Java, Indonesia

Here is the extract after six weeks of steeping. So dark and yummy almost ready to use!

Nine 1/2 weeks Vanilla extract is dark, think and smells wonderful! Alcohol smell is gone and extract is easy to use! Can hardly wait.


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