How to Store Vanilla Beans

The best way to store vanilla beans forever without any fear of spoilage or hardening is to find a good-size container with a tight-fitting lid (a very large mason jar, or a tall, narrow food saver container will work well, or even a zippered, freezer-gauge plastic bag. Put the vanilla beans inside, then fill the container with liquor until it just covers the beans. Choose a gluten-free alcohol if you do any gluten-free baking.  Not only does this method allow you to store the vanilla beans indefinitely, you will also produce the most AMAZING vanilla extract at the same time! Simply top off with additional alcohol if the liquid level drops. Furthermore, it helps prevent vanilla bean reactions, such as mold.

To use a preserved bean, simply remove it from the alcohol, slit as usual, and scrape gently or you can just run your pinched fingers down the sides of the beans and the caviar will just squirt out.  The empty beans can be returned to the mixture for additional steeping, or added to a fresh bottle of alcohol for making even more incredible extract.

Remember; never throw away a bean, you can always find a use for them.

To order Vanilla Beans;


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